February Event: Presentations

Posted on August 20th, 2010

The MTU Annual Event took place in February 2010 and was widely deemed to be a great success. We are in the process of producing an event report which will be posted as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are a collection of the day’s presentations.

Keynote Speech – Jim Anspach, Civil Engineering Consultant and Chairman of ASCE
Outlining technology, procedures and latest research in the USA.

MTU Lecture Session – Phil Atkins, University of Birmingham
Explaining MTU’s advances in sensor development and thinking; bringing the focus back to the problems we face in the UK.

ORFEUS Lecture Session – Guido Manacorda, IDS
Guido outlined the findings of the ORFEUS field trials and research programme, asking what these results may mean for the future.

Industry Viewpoint – Mike Shepherd of UKWIR
Mike outlined the beginnings and history of buried infrastructure which has led to the current streetworks situation we see today.

MTU Lecture Session – Dr Miles Redfern, University of Bath
Miles demonstrated how MTU plans to combine the sensors’ outputs, fusing this with intelligence data from records and ground condition information.

ORFEUS Lecture Session – Meinolf Rameil, TraktoTechnik
Meinolf addressed the future potential for reducing risk in no-dig utility installation with new drill head GPR tools and sensors.

The View of Ordnance Survey – Mike Darracott
Mike outlined how knowledge is being created from mapping data.