Newly funded AHRC and EPSRC project: DART

Posted on April 30th, 2010

Dr Nicole Metje of the University of Birmingham and Professor Tony Cohn of the University of Leeds are part of a newly-funded AHRC and EPSRC project, working alongside Dr Anthony Beck at the University of Leeds.

From the website:

Sensors and sensing technologies will continue to develop. The challenge has been to exploit these sensor developments in the heritage domain. DART will provide foundational data with which to evaluate the heritage potential of new sensors, and to model the conditions under which they should be deployed. This will allow heritage managers to understand the potential impact of new sensors and to deploy them appropriately.

Finally, the data from DART has the potential to provide the scientific foundation for a range of heritage research. The data from DART may not only produce a quantitative increase in the detection of a previously intangible heritage resource, it may also provide qualitative insights into the nature and preservation of the heritage objects. Understanding that an archaeological residue is detectable in one, or many, sensor configurations may allow an understanding of the underlying physical condition and therefore, the nature of the residue itself. This may provide a springboard for further research into heritage monitoring, preservation and environmental monitoring.