GPR Hardware Video

Posted on May 28th, 2010

The Video:

In this MTU-2 project, the GPR hardware is aiming to achieve excellent performance over a wide range of frequencies (150 MHz to 4 GHz, roughly). To do this, hardware configurations with advanced features are requires. In particular, the frequency generating oscillators, which are phase-locked to a common reference crystal, need to sweep across this wide band of frequencies, while still maintaining their signal’s ‘cleanliness’. Recently we have designed (and tweaked) a new hardware using the state-of-the-art synthesiser ADF4350, from Analog Devices Ltd., to fulfil this purpose. This short video gives a ‘feel’ of how this piece of GPR hardware looks and operates. (For further details, feel free to contact Dr. Adham Naji)

Dr. Adham Naji is one of the Research Fellows on the Ground Penetrating Radar Work Package. He has created a tour of some of the GPR Hardware he has been working on in the labs at the University of Bath.

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